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Lift Kits


Rough Country Lifts available at Ephraim Tire Pros & Service in Ephraim, UT 84627

When you want the stance of your truck changed, whether it be more ground clearance or to rub pavement, we have you are looking for.  We carry aftermarket leveling, lowering, and lift kits for a number of truck and SUV applications. The knowledgeable staff members here at Ephraim Tire Pros & Service are ready and able to put their experience to work for you to provide quality products and installation for your vehicle.


Suspension Leveling Kits

Leveling your vehicle is meant to balance the height of the front suspension to match that of the rear and provides only one to two inches of difference in ride height.

Typically, from the factory, a truck or SUV is built with extra height in the rear to help the suspension compensate when towing or carrying heavier loads in your vehicles bed or cargo area.  However, this factory ride height may not be suitable for some owners who do not use their vehicles for like purposes. One of the most common reasons for leveling a vehicles suspension is to accommodate a larger profile tires or set of custom wheels.


Lift Kits

When you are not satisfied with your factory ride height or are into a more extreme visual aesthetic, lifting your truck may be your choice.  The average truck lift can provide from two to 10 inches of additional height to your vehicles suspension.

This is normally done by making several modifications to your vehicles overall suspension to provide both height and stability.  Lift kits, as a general rule, are an application that is suited for those who use their vehicle in more extreme sports such as mudding, driving sand dunes or deep snow.  However, most prefer them for their more common advantages such as higher ground clearance and more wheel and tire options.



At Ephraim Tire Pros & Service in Ephraim, UT, we strive to provide top notch auto repair services, customizations, and products.  For more information about leveling, lifting, or lowering your vehicle contact us or schedule an appointment and we’ll help you get your height just right.



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